PROFIN - Service

What to do in the event of a malfunction
Has your machine stopped working or is there a malfunction in the system? If so, please call the phone number below. To enable us to address your problem as effectively as possible, please have ready the machine number, machine type and year of build, and give these details to our service technicians.tand oder eine Störung auf der Anlage, dann kontaktieren Sie uns bitte über unten stehende Telefonnummer. Zur möglichst effizienten Bedienung bitten wir Sie, die Maschinennummer sowie der Maschinentyp mit Baujahr bereit zu halten und unserem Servicetechniker anzugeben.

What is my machine number/machine type? profin-service.pdf

Head office: +41 41 329 29 50

Request for an overhaul, upgrade or conversion
Does one of your installed systems require a general overhaul? Does a system need servicing again, or could its performance be enhanced? If so, please send us an e-mail.

Write to us at: