Process development

The development of a process usually begins with specific customer requirements. This is a followed by continuous ongoing improvements to the FLAKKOTING processes and their tools.

A competent and motivated PROFIN team is responsible for all the research and development work.

State-of-the-art FLAKKOTING test facilities and high-precision measuring systems allow for accurate measurements in the micrometre range and for evaluations, guaranteeing sustainable research and development.

An extensive technology database safeguards all the FLAKKOTING data and tool data.
Fundamental research is permanently conducted on and with all resources in close cooperation with universities and technical colleges.

For this reason, PROFIN collaborates intensively with a number of European research institutes, and is a permanent member of several research project teams. 

FLAKKOTING has developed into a key aspect of most of today's chain or downstream processes, and has become a reliable element in many specialist fields.


FLAKKOTING takes the final finishing of workpieces into new dimensions on the basis of tooling machines.

FLAKKO is derived from the German words "Fläche, Kanten und Konturen" or Surface Edges and Contours FLAKKO®

FLAKKOTING is an ultra-fine, final grinding process utilising highly flexible abrasive agents. These are based on macromolecular synthetic fibres with an extruded abrasive agent with SiC, although diamond or CBN are usually used.
The two key advantages with FLAKKOTING are that previously created surface geometries are not altered, and correct tool configurations prevent the renewed formation of surface scoring caused by grain eruptions, as is usually the case with conventional tools. FLAKKOTING creates the required surfaces for cutting edges and contours, and precise preparations, consistently and with recurring accuracy.

Feasibility Study

We conduct customer and project-specific basic tests as feasibility studies. The results are evaluated in collaboration with the customer. Successfully completed feasibility studies are followed by projects utilising tools from PROFIN resources or completely new FLAKKOTING tool developments.

Economic efficiency stands at the forefront of these feasibility studies. It must be possible to design the eligible processes so that they are economically viable for our customers. It goes without saying that this also includes an excellent price/performance ratio.