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PROFIN AG – the FLAKKOTING specialist

FLAKKOTING is a consistent, ultra-fine final grinding process utilising highly flexible abrasive agents.

FLAKKOTING qualitatively and functionally refines all kinds of workpieces. This method was developed by PROFIN in 2003, and takes its name from the first letters of the German words for surface (Fläche), edge (Kante) and contour (Kontur): FLAKKOTING.

The core expertise at PROFIN AG covers deburring technology, edge preparation for cutting tools, and the creation of defined surface textures or polished surfaces.

Edges, for example of precision components, are deburred. Surfaces, of cutting tools or sintered components for instance, are polished without
altering the geometry. Contours, such as on carbide tools, are rounded off with recurring precision.

We achieve this by designing special FLAKKOTING tools. These are produced for PROFIN by institutional and certified workshops, guaranteeing exceptional quality and reliability. Our FLAKKOTING systems are developed, constructed and assembled by our specialists in our production halls in Lucerne.

PROFIN AG was founded in 2003 by Josef and Olga Vogel.